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Oh, nice Time Warp Dirty Trick called by the D, and the offense is pissed!
~ Grim Blitzrow

Time Warp is one of the Dirty Tricks the players can use in Mutant Football League. It is obtained by downloading the Demonic Legion Pack DLC along with the Cracksumskull Jugulars, Full Metal Mayhem and the Sonic Blast Dirty Trick.

If a team has access to this Dirty Trick (it varies by team; some have it on offense, some on defense), they can call it once per half to negate the last play, reverting things to where they were at the huddle of the previous play. Everything from the previous play (position, kills, scores, resurrections, etc.) is negated except for the use of the Time Warp. The one thing it cannot revert is a triggered forfeit due to lack of players; only if a forfeit is delayed due to a turnover can it be negated by Time Warp; otherwise, the game ends before it can be used.

While listed as "Global", the Dirty Trick is more like Warp Speed in that the teams with this Dirty Trick available can only use it on the side it is bound. A team that has Time Warp listed as their Offense Dirty Trick can only use it on offense, and vice versa.

Consequently, this Dirty Trick is much more useful on defense than offense, as a defensive Time Warp can negate scores and even turnovers (as a turnover switches the team to defense; they can call Time Warp and negate the turnover, reverting to offense). It is more limited on offense, best used to undo sacks, undo critical injuries or kills, or to retry important scoring attempts or conversions (but it can't be used to undo a missed field goal or failing on fourth down since these result in a turnover; you need a defense Time Warp to undo that).


This is an offense or defense dirty trick. Newly discovered alien technology allows a team to disrupt the time-space continuum, erasing the previous play like it never happened, including all scores, injuries, & deaths. Save it for when you really need it.