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Thunderclap is one of the Dirty Tricks the players can use in Mutant Football League. It is available only to the defense.

Let me tell you, getting shocked like that is no joke. I used to wear triple wool socks, slide them around the shed carpet for eight hours so I shock my younger brother. I went to change the TV channel, and he got blown apart the room into the deer antlers!
~ Brickhead Mulligan

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This dirty trick electrocutes the ball carrier after a certain period of time, resulting in massive if not fatal damage; regardless of whether or not the ball carrier survives, the lightning strike will force a Fumble. The activation of the dirty trick can be identified through a rumbling sound.

Some MFL fields have stormy weather, with lightning striking the field. This is actually a Field Hazard, as the lightning can occasionally strike players, creating an effect identical to Thunderclap.

Counterplay[ | ]

The only Dirty Trick that counters this is Bombs Away.