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Let me tell you, getting shocked like that is no joke. I used to wear triple wool socks, slide them around the shed carpet for eight hours so I shock my younger brother. I went to change the TV channel, and he got blown apart the room into the deer antlers!
~ Brickhead Mulligan

Thunderclap is one of the Dirty Tricks the players can use in Mutant Football League. It is available only to the defense.

Teams[edit | edit source]

This dirty trick electrocutes the ball carrier after a certain period of time, resulting in massive if not fatal damage; regardless of whether or not the ball carrier survives, the lightning strike will force a Fumble. The activation of the dirty trick can be identified through a rumbling sound.

Some MFL fields have stormy weather, with lightning striking the field. This is actually a Field Hazard, as the lightning can occasionally strike players, creating an effect identical to Thunderclap.

Counterplay[edit | edit source]

The only Dirty Trick that counters this is Bombs Away.