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Block Quote Format vs. Paragraph for team scouting quotes[]

Originally I was using block letter quotes to quote things from the ingame MFL Team Scouting section of the game; but then I started to do the pages like the Nuked London Hatriots page ( Lately, I have noticed there has been a mix of both being done in the team description paragraphs. I was wondering if we could all decide on which format to use for the team pages, primarily when quoting the team description. Block quotations are technically the right option for doing long quotes, but I'm not sure whether it matters or not. To anyone reading, feel free to say which one you prefer, so their can be consistency with formatting the team pages. We'll go with the one that has the most votes. -- MrPopoJunior

500th Page[]

Today, he have reached 500 pages on this wiki. Riff Anvil of the Microhard Mutilators is the 500th page on this wiki! -- Nextgencreator