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DirtyTrick StickyBall.jpg
—The quarterback passes the ball and it rebounds back!
—He can't get rid of it, it's like me and these cramps, Grim!
—Yep, the defense calls a Sticky Ball Dirty Trick and the QB is in a heap of trouble now!
~ Grim Blitzrow and Brickhead Mulligan

Sticky Ball is one of the Dirty Tricks the players can use in Mutant Football League. It is available only to the defense and is obtained by downloading the Werewolf Rampage Pack DLC along with the New Goreleans Zombies, Karcass City Creeps and the Murder Ball Dirty Trick.

This Dirty Trick is a real buzzkill for a pass-happy offense. It prevents the quarterback from offloading the ball in any way. Any attempt to do so will cause the ball to spring back to the quarterback, knocking him down. He's helpless against getting sacked at this point and can't get back up to at least attempt a scramble for a second or two afterward.

If the offense called their own Dirty Trick at the same time, that Dirty Trick will usually get spoiled by Sticky Ball. Running back Dirty Tricks (Beast Boost, Chainsaw Massacre, Flame On, Roid Rage) get scrambled because the ball never reaches the running back. Pass-related Dirty Tricks (Bombs Away, Murder Ball, Sonic Blast) get sabotaged and turned on the quarterback. The only Dirty Tricks safe from Sticky Ball are Shotgun and Fart; both involve the quarterback keeping the ball.

It's also a great way to ruin a punt or field goal attempt; the kicked ball just comes back to the kicker, forcing them into a scramble just like with a quarterback. Often, this results in a tackle for a loss and usually a turnover.


The defense rigs the ball with an alien glue compound which make it impossible for the ball to be passed, handed-off, or pitched (the ball is released & then returns back to the quarterback). Can also be used to hose punters or kickers.