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I never looked that good dancing, and I have skin!
~ Grim Blitzrow

Skeletal Deadheads are one of the races in Mutant Football League.

About the Race[ | ]

Description from the Official Game Manual:

Balanced in all skill categories, deadheads are an undead skeleton species that are highly skilled at almost all positions. Since they are already dead, they are not afraid of taking heavy hits, with some deadheads even practicing by repeatedly running into brick walls. Their lack of skin, muscle, fat, or organs make deadheads heal faster than any other species. Unfortunately, deadheads are not officially classified as a living species by any team or government, so they don’t receive benefits like social security, can’t vote, or own property. They also don’t get any royalties from merchandise like posters, jerseys, and officially licensed MFL video games that use their likenesses. Instead of going on strikes and protesting like mutant-humans, or retreating into an isolated, Hearst-esque seclusion like the monster orcs, the deadheads decided they just needed to play and live even more aggressively. Off the field, deadheads party hard all night and all day, since they never require sleep. Many MFL fans have woken up to see a deadhead sitting on their couch covered in vodka and glitter. Too many, actually. It’s a problem.

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  • Regenerate health quickly
  • Fast

Signature Team[ | ]

The Lost Wages Invaders are comprised almost entirely of Skeletal Deadheads.

Notable All-Stars[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • This race is similar to the Dry Bones enemies from the Super Mario series.
  • As shown in the console trailer, Grim Blitzrow himself is a Skeletal Deadhead making his quote above rather confusing.