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The Sin Fransicko Forty Nightmares is one of the teams in Mutant Football League. They are a parody of the San Fransisco 49ers. The team has been mentioned on the MFL's twitter page during the 2019 NFL MFL Draft. They were added to the game on January 31, 2020 to continue the game's tradition of mirroring the real-life Super Bowl in their Mayhem Bowl (this year against the Karcass City Creeps). It is available as a DLC add-on for 99 cents. Their logo is a skull with the number 40 painted on its forehead.

Sin-Fransicko-Nightmares logo

Sin Fransicko Forty Nightmares Logo

The Forty Nightmares play at LeVile Stadium at Alcatraz, a parody of Levi's Stadium. This stadium is the second (after Brawltimore) to feature guarded goalposts: "golden gates" that open and close between them and have to be timed to avoid blowing field goals and extra points.

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Dirty Tricks[ | ]


Beast Boost

Murder Ball


QB Sack Attack


Trivia[ | ]

  • The team is a spiritual successor of the Darkstar Dragons from the original Mutant League Football.
  • San Fransicko is a possible reference to the Travis Scott song Sicko Mode, which was made infamous in the Super Bowl 53 Halftime Show via "yeeting" Sweet Victory, a song from the popular Spongebob Squarepants episode, "Band Geeks".
  • The team name is a reference to one of the most familiar Arabian Nights tales, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. It can also possibly be a twisted parody of the idiom of "forty winks" (meaning a good night's sleep); the team is meant to give opponents a hellish night's sleep instead. The latter reference is sometimes alluded in pre-game commentary.
  • Alcatraz Island was once home to an infamous federal prison that housed high-risk criminals. Some of the decor of LeVile Stadium features a prison motif.
  • The "golden gates" that guard the goalposts are inspired by the name "Golden Gate": the strait that separates San Francisco Bay from the Pacific Ocean. The Golden Gate Bridge is named for the strait that it crosses, and San Francisco lies on the peninsula that is the south coast of the strait.

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