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And this.. is my boomstick. And that's six on the board.
~ A player after using it and scoring

Shotgun is one of the Dirty Tricks the players can use in Mutant Football League.

Abilities[ | ]

Shotgun causes the offense to run a designed quarterback scramble where the quarterback totes a shotgun with 7 shots available to him. Each time he fires (by straight-arming), he hits the closest living defender in his line of sight. If no such defenders are available as targets, the shot is wasted. The quarterback can deal more damage by firing closer to his target.

Counterplay[ | ]

The quarterback's rampage immediately ends if he is tackled, regardless of number of shots left. Fast defenders might also get behind him to approach for a tackle since he can only shoot in the direction he is facing. Also, because of the low endurance of most quarterbacks, hits during and after the play can usually result in the quarterback getting killed as a result of the play.

Penalties[ | ]

There are no penalties on the offense for using Shotgun. However, any big play that results can trigger an active Bribe ref.

Manual[ | ]

Description from the Official Game Manual:
This is a quarterback run play. Once the ball is snapped, the quarterback pulls out a shotgun which can be fired at defensive players. The shotgun auto targets, but has limited firing radius (it cannot be fired at players behind the quarterback). The shotgun has 7 devastating shots.

B button (Xbox One) or circle button (PS4) fires the shotgun.