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The Scarolina Panzers are one of the teams in Mutant Football League. They are a parody of the Carolina Panthers, although the team here is based in South Scarolina rather than North Scarolina (Charlotte, North Carolina is on the north side of the state line). Their logo is a blue tank with an intimidating face emblazoned on the front.

Their stadium is Stank of America Stadium situated in Chukit, South Scarolina and is a parody of Bank of America Stadium.

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  • In real life, panzer is a German word meaning armor. The term is most commonly associated with World War II to describe the Germans' mobile armor (meaning their tanks).
  • They are one of the four teams whose roster doesn't contain Mutant-Humans, the others being the Steelheads, the Vultures and the Evils.
    • However in the Launch Trailer, they do have them.

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