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Roid rage

Roid Rage is one of the Dirty Tricks the players can use in Mutant Football League. It is accessible only to the offense.

Roid Rage! 'Cause if you can't answer a question with violence, ask another!
~ Grim Blitzrow or a player after scoring with Roid Rage

Abilities[ | ]

Roid Rage causes the offense to run a running back pass play. The ball carrier cannot be downed by a tackle. Additionally, spinning and breaking tackles causes more damage to shaken defenders.

If you use Roid Rage without a running back (due to all of them being killed), the play is altered to a quarterback scramble.

Counterplay[ | ]

Hits and field hazards can still injure and kill the ball carrier. If the defense can slow the runner down with hits, they can overwhelm with numbers, kill the runner and take advantage of the ensuing fumble. This makes Roid Rage a high-risk play.

Penalties[ | ]

There are no penalties for using Roid Rage. However, an active Bribe ref can still wipe out a big play that resulted from this dirty trick.

Manual[ | ]

Description from the Official Game Manual:
This is a pass option play. The ball is pitched to the running back and he can choose to pass or run the ball. Roid Rage is an advanced steroid infusion, which maximizes out the ball carriers skill ratings for a limited amount of time. Roid Rage can transfer to multiple players and is designed for a quick score.

Trivia[ | ]

Real-life use of anabolic steroids, particularly in sports, is notorious for causing side effects of extreme aggression. This aggression earned the nickname "Roid Rage" from a contraction of the word "steroid". This Dirty Trick takes the concept of Roid Rage aggression to the extreme levels only possible with mutants.