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Rampaging Werewolves are one of the races in Mutant Football League. They are the headliner in the Werewolf Rampage Pack DLC which also features the Karcass City Creeps, New Goreleans Zombies and the Sticky Ball and Murder Ball Dirty Tricks.

This werewolf is from London I believe, signed in the offseason.
~ Grim Blitzrow

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About the Race[ | ]

As Yellowbone National Park became a hotspot of seismic activity, earthquakes shook throughout the region, destroying some nuclear silos hidden in the Rockies which leaked radioactive gas that mutated the local wolf population. These mutant wolves were very aggressive towards humans, & upon biting them modified the human's DNA turning them into Wolf-Human hybrids. They are all-around balanced players, so they have no glaring weaknesses, & excel as linebackers, safeties, & running backs. What distinguishes them from other species are their sustained speed burst (they gallop like a sprinting dog) with excellent hurdle length. They also howl after delivering especially violent hits.


  • Good horizontal Jump
  • High-damage late hit attacks
  • Unique animations like Speed Burst - run on all fours

Signature Team[ | ]

The Gnashville Lycans are comprised entirely of Rampaging Werewolves.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name of the species is a reference to Ralph from the classic arcade game, Rampage.
  • When a werewolf scores, Grim Blitzrow make a reference to the song Werewolves of London.