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The Nuked London Hatriots are one of the teams in Mutant Football League. The team is a parody of the New England Patriots although the team in this case is based in England rather than Massachusetts. The roster has every race in the game so far. Their symbol is a yellow mutant with red hair wearing a gas mask.

Their stadium is Phlegmbly Stadium situated in Ground Zero, London and is a parody of Wembley Stadium, one of the NFL's venues for the league's London Games.

Theme[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

Player References

  • Line Basher War Hammer is a reference to Warhammer.

Team Trivia

  • Acording to Urban Dictionary, a hatriot is person who zealously supports his/her political dogma to the point of bigotry towards people of opposing opinions.
    • It is also a caller to The David Pakman Show who records "Hatriot Mail" comments expressing his/her ultra-conservative views in a derogatory manner.
    • The word shares the same name with a thrash metal band from Oakland, California.
  • Their kicker BleedIt KickItOutski is the only non-star player to have a perfect 100 across all stats.

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