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Mutant Football League is an exciting, arcade-style American football parody, featuring the best Monster and Mutant players. The game is developed by Digital Dreams Entertainment/Michael Mendheim.

Story[ | ]

From the Official Game Manual:

In the not too distant future…[ | ]

The world was thrown into chaos through a series of cataclysmic events. Rising oceans, drought, famine, atomic war, mega-earthquakes and irate, feral teenagers denied internet access due to inflated prices, ravaged the planet and drove humanity to the brink.

Out of the ashes, six mega-corporations rose up, and staked their claim as the world’s newest super-powers. They battled for the hearts, minds, and online accounts of what remained of the human race. Monsatan, a biotech company, genetically engineered grain seeds containing a secret hormone to accelerate the growth rate of the world’s livestock. The result: tainted livestock mutating the human race into a more volatile and primitive species. However vegetarians in the Northwest refused to eat the tainted meat and once tofu and quinoa ran out they turned into cannibalistic brain hungry zombies. As for those who eat practically nothing, Los Angeles became a desert wasteland with a population of skeletons all thrilled at how thin they were. The South, with its meat heavy diet, decided to secede from the nation and became a menacing breed of fundamentalist orcs. The Midwestern mutants enjoy their craft beers and sausage, and make it a point to kill anyone who tells them they have an “accent.”

Hexxon Oil Corporation burned through fossil fuels and exacerbated global warming to a point where the demons in hell felt it was warm enough to come topside to wreak havoc. What was left of the United States government made a secret deal with the Microhard Corporation and launched top secret lethal robots to quell the demonic uprising which backfired as the robots turned on their handlers and now plan to exterminate the human race. And then the final straw—an alien ship passing by took one look at Earth and figured it was such a crap hole it would make a great place to dump their most lethal and unwanted criminals. Shortly thereafter they began to dump hordes of violent aliens across the Great Plains.

The League is formed…[ | ]

All of Earth’s new inhabitants wanted nothing more than to destroy one another. All-out war ensued. Guns, bombs, napalm, demonic power and even alien death ray technology slowly depleted the Earth’s population. Profit margins for these mega-corporations fell as there were less consumers to spend and invest money. The Wall Street investment firm, Goldung Ballsac, knew something radical needed to happen if they were to survive. They formed a joint venture with entertainment conglomerate EVLSN and internet giant Scroogle to broadcast confrontations between warring factions in semi-controlled battles.

The battles were structured to resemble an ancient game known as American Football. The viewer ratings went through the stratosphere as the blood thirsty masses watched the contests and cried for more. The most athletic mutants and monsters were rounded up and trained to be gladiators. The top athletes in the game became huge mega-superstars, adored and worshiped by their fans and rolling in endorsement cash. And thus the Mutant Football League was formed. Now every year teams battle one another in an epic season to reach the world championship game known as the Mayhem Bowl.

Features[ | ]

  • 36 Teams of Monsters & Mutants
  • Multiplayer Action - 2-player online competitive, and up to 4-player local competitive and co-op
  • Dirty Tricks
  • Survive Killer Stadiums, Weather, & Fans
  • Play as Your Favorite MFL All-Stars
  • The Voice of The MFL - Tim Kitzrow
  • Wreak Gridiron Carnage upon Your Rivals
  • Dominate Your Opponents However You Like
  • Tongue-Through-Cheek Humor

Videos[ | ]

Mayhem Bowl Mutant Football League - Dynasty Mode Tutorial

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Soundtrack[ | ]

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Artists[ | ]

  • Pär Olofsson - Cover art for MFL Dynasty Edition
  • Dave Devries
  • Kyle Martin and Ørjan Ruttenborg Svendsen - Character art

Sources[ | ]

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