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The Motor City Maniacs are one of the teams in Mutant Football League. They are a parody of the Detroit Lions, but the team here takes its theme from Detroit's historic connection to the automotive industry. Their logo is demon skull with blue hair and two crossed wrenches in front. On the PC verison, they're formerly once a locked team unlocked by winning a cumulative 25 games. Currently, they are already unlocked.

Their stadium is Gored Field situated in Detroit Rock City, Michigan and is a parody of Ford Field.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • This team shares the same name with a band from the Durham region of Ontario, Canada.
  • They are one of the five teams whose roster has every race so far excluding BruiserBots. The others being the Cults, the Hellboys, the Chronic and the Tyrants.
  • The name of the city Gored Field is located in is a reference to the KISS song "Detroit Rock City".

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