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— I'm assuming that, to orcs, this is arousing somehow.
— Assume all you want, it don't make it true.
~ Grim Blitzrow and Bricks Junior

Monster Orcs are one of the races in Mutant Football League.

About the Race[ | ]

Description from the Official Game Manual:

Monster orcs are big, brash, brainless brawlers that devastate offenses with their superb hitting power. They are the toughest species in the game and hard to kill. With their strength and size, they are perfectly suited to be linemen, playing as blockers, blitzers, and enforcers. Although they’re slow, some orcs are athletically gifted, punishing runners that weak defenses have a hard time bringing down. There are even a few orcs that make fantastic bruising, tank-like receivers. Their stupidity is legendary and usually a hindrance, as most of the superstar orcs have too much orcosterone, the orc hormone that gives them an exceptionally low IQ, extra long forearms, and an insatiable desire to resurrect and reunite Limp Bizkit. While they are sometimes tough to coach, they are fiercely loyal to their teams. As a species, they are de-evolving, with each generation being dumber than the previous one, like a VHS copy of a VHS copy of a VHS copy. Like the old joke goes: “How many orcs does it take to change a light bulb?” Answer: “Uh, there are no light bulbs or a room or a building because the orcs ate them."


  • More health
  • More hitting power
  • More aggressive in late hits

Signature Team[ | ]

The Orcs of Hazzard are comprised almost entirely of Monster Orcs.

Notable All-Stars[ | ]