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The Lost Wages Invaders are one of the teams in Mutant Football League. They are a parody of the Las Vegas Raiders (NFL) as well as the Oakland Invaders (USFL). Their logo is a skeleton on a shield with two chainsaws crossing behind the head. Their stadium is Allergic Stadium in Lost Wages, Hellvada.

Trivia[ | ]

Dirty Tricks



Player References

  • Running Back Howard DryBones is a reference to the Dry Bones enemies from the Super Mario series. He is also named after longtime fan of MFL and Nintendo, Christian Howard.
  • Enforcer Midnight Rambler is a reference to the Rolling Stones song and chic underground cocktail bar in Dallas, Texas of the same name.

Team Trivia

  • The team is a spiritual successor to the Deathskin Razors from the original Mutant League Football.
  • The Oakland Raiders transformed into the Las Vegas Raiders beginning in the 2020 NFL season. The Croakland Invaders have become the Lost Wages Invaders to reflect this change.

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