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The Leaveland Burns are one of the teams in Mutant Football League. They are a parody of the Cleveland Browns. The team was made possible when Shacknews CEO and editor in chief, Asif Khan splurged on the "Own an MFL Team" tier on the game's second Kickstarter. Their logo is a skull combined with a football and spikes on top, framed by flames. This was originally a locked team in the PC version, unlocked by making the playoffs in Season Mode. As of now, they are already unlocked. Their stadium is Fist Energy Stadium situated in Leaveland, Ohio and is a parody of FirstEnergy Stadium.

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  • The team was originally called the Steamland Cleavers, but it was changed due to copyright concerns, possibly from WB Games (formerly Midway), with Blitz: The League 2 team, Cleveland Steamers.

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