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-Eh, normally I don't advocate on changing the station, bur for the sake of your eternal soul, I understand you wanna cut away from this ritualistic dance.
-Uh, Grim... the uh... the crowd started chanting.
-Why, uh... yes, uh, yes they did. We're... we're gonna go ahead and lock the announcer's booth until he's done dancing.
~ Grim Blitzrow and Brickhead Mulligan

Hell-Spawned Demons are one of the races in Mutant Football League. They are the headliner in the Demonic Legion Pack DLC which also features the Cracksumskull Jugulars, Full Metal Mayhem and the Sonic Blast and Time Warp Dirty Tricks.

About the Race[ | ]

Hexxon Oil Corporation burned through fossil fuels & exacerbated global warming to a point where the demons in hell felt it was warm enough to come topside to wreak havoc. Those that survived the top-secret lethal robots created to quell this demonic uprising became legion, & used their previous dealings with the devil to negotiate the best contracts with the league. They are born of brimstone, & while not the toughest, strongest, or fastest species in the league, they have wings which gives them a unique edge. They have the highest vertical jump of all species, which makes them excellent receivers & defensive backs. Their only obvious weakness is when they sustain damage, they take a long time to heal.


  • Immune to fire
  • Better vertical Jump, winged flight jump animation
  • Worst Health Regeneration

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The first sentence in their bio originates from the first sentence of the third paragraph of In the not to distant future....