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The Grim Bay Attackers are one of the teams in Mutant Football League. They are a parody of the Green Bay Packers. The roster has every race in the game so far excluding Criminal Aliens. Their logo is the symbol for radiation. This is a locked team unlocked by winning the Mayhem Bowl in Playoff Mode. Their stadium is "Slambone Field" situated in Grim Bay, Ex-Consin and is a parody of "Lambeau Field".

Trivia[ | ]

Dirty Tricks



Player References

  • Line Basher Shake Martini is a reference to James Bond's preference for his martini cocktails, shaken, not stirred.
  • Bruise Receiver Dicky Dodgers is a parody of Duck Dodgers, a 1953 Looney Tunes short and a 2003 animated series starring Daffy Duck as the title character.
  • Line Basher Brats N. Shredder is a reference to two food items that were famously unique to Lambeau Field: bratwursts, shortened to brats, and cheddar cheese curds. Purchasing them together was referred to as a Brats n' Cheddar.

Team Trivia

  • The team is a spiritual successor to the Icebay Bashers from the original Mutant League Football.
  • Their stadium alongside the Full Metal Mayhem's Stairway to Heaven Arena are the only stadiums in the game to have only one field hazard, bottomless pits (Thin Ice in this case), making it one of the least dangerous fields in the game.

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