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The Gnashville Lycans are one of the teams in Mutant Football League. They are a parody of the Tennesee Titans and are comprised entirely of Rampaging Werewolves. Their logo is the front view of a blue werewolf's head. Their home stadium is NewSin Stadium, a parody of Nissan Stadium. Like other new teams, the stadium features guarded goalposts; here they're actually trees that constantly swing left to right and back again.

The Lycans are an all-werewolf team who surprised the league last year by making a deep run into the playoffs. This team can keep the momentum going if QB Dyan Rammakill's breakout season last year was the real deal, instead of a one-year wonder. The Lycans have a bruising power running game led by All-Star RB Derrick Frenzy, who is a beast on the gridiron. On defense, the team is stout but gives up big plays. If the Lycans can recapture the magic of last season, they have a shot at winning the Mayhem Bowl for the Music City. (Mutant Football League, Team Scouting)

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  • The term "lycan" is short for "lycanthrope", meaning a victim of lycanthropy, the disease described in lore as what causes people to transform into werewolves, thus reflecting the team being comprised entirely of Rampaging Werewolves.

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