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Dynasty - new game mode that allows players become the coach and GM of their favorite MFL team. Win multiple championships to become the league’s next Dynasty. Includes player XP, roster management, team salary caps, custom playbooks, player trades, free agent signings and multiple season gameplay!

Players XP[]

Players XP - earn player XP and decide on what attribute to spend it in order to build your own Legend player from Rookie material!

Some attributes' prices increases from level to level and species to species. E.g. Orcs are the toughest and strongest, but lacks Intelligence in compare to other species, so they have to pay higher XP price for Intelligence progress. On the other hand Aliens are more vulnerable, but they have lowest XP price.

Also, in case of QB, Intelligence cost more for this position, since it has most of impact on it. Believe me you do not want to have QB with low Intelligence ;)

Custom playbooks[]

Custom playbooks - change every Defensive, Offensive and Dirty Trick play from your team’s playbook for those plays which fits you and your team’s play style!

Manageable roster and team salary caps[]

Manageable roster and team salary caps open abilities to choose players to be in starting lineups and manage your salary caps.

Check Players Salaries page for detailed information.

Whatever level your player is at the start of a new season, that is his cost for the remainder of the season. This cost does not increase as the player gets upgraded (throughout the season) and should remain the same as when you started the season. Player costs only increase (based on their level) at the start of the next season. Then player's salary cost is adjusted and whatever that current salary is will be the same for the remainder of the new season.

The only time a salary changes during the season is when a player is traded or cut - the old salary goes away / the new salary takes its' place.

Mutant Football League - Dynasty Mode Tutorial by Michael Mendheim

Roster Cuts[]

Cut player from the roster works differently in MFL. Instead of let go high salary player for nothing you can trade him for low level player. This mechanic implemented in a such way to avoid increasing probability of forfeit loses due to multiple roster cuts.

Be advised that you cannot trade player for Free Agent. When you do a trade, obligations on salary which you're paying currently to your player goes to another team. In addition, new team will pay you money difference between salaries of new player and your old player as a compensation for value of such a great player. In case of Free Agent there is no other team which would pay you this compensation for value, so in that situation in addition to losing money as salary for your ex-player you're trying to pay salary to the new player. That's why system doesn't allow you to make Free Agent move.

Player trades and free agent signings[]

Player trades and free agent signings - your team have extra cash from winning or cutting useless ballast from team’s roster? Spend it on free agency moves or trade options.

Dynasty VO[]

Dynasty VO - new additional commentaries that were recorded specifically for Dynasty game mode.