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Uh... that's creepy, right ? That's creepy? I'm not the only one that thinks about it, right?
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Criminal Aliens are one of the races in Mutant Football League.

About the Race[ | ]

Description from the Official Game Manual:

Criminal aliens are quick and fidgety creatures, known for their ability to stop on a dime. They propel themselves differently than any other species, moving like a ball in a forward rolling motion. Not only does this make them much more difficult to tackle, it also helps prevent them from being cracked open like a broiled lobster with drawn butter on the field (alien tails served on a bed of glazed orc hairs are considered a delicacy in some parts of the galaxy). Aliens are the most intelligent species in the league, with many moving into front office positions after their playing career is over. They are amazing receivers, soaring through the air to snatch passes, and equally great at defending. Their weakness is they don’t deliver a lot of hitting damage, so they aren’t good fighters, but they do have a good defense against fights: they can turn players into piles of bones with toxic acid blood that explodes out of them when they die. Aliens are balanced at nearly all skill positions, making them great receivers, running backs, quarterbacks and defensive backs.


  • Immune to acid
  • Fast and mobile
  • Low tackling damage and post-play damage
  • Turns into damaging acid pool when killed
  • Unique sprint animation

Signature Team[ | ]

The Galaxy Chaos are comprised entirely of Criminal Aliens.

Notable All-Stars[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • This race bears a striking resemblance to the Xenomorphs from the Alien film series.