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BruiserBots are one of the races in Mutant Football League.

When you think about this Bricks, three years ago, this robot was a fake ATM machine stealing millions, now he's scoring in front of millions! That's MFL football, folks!
~ Grim Blitzrow

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About the Race[ | ]

Description from the Official Game Manual:

When the Microhard Corporation joined the robotic technology race and created the iBot, it changed the world and cemented them as a leading industrial juggernaut. So when World War IV ended, what was left of the United States government made a deal with Microhard to develop top secret, lethal robotic technology to quell the great demonic uprising. As the ancient history books note, this plan failed when the robots turned on their programmers and set out to exterminate the entire human race. This uprising ended with The Great Bot Pox—a virus that wiped out most of models, but a few survived, including the Bruiser Class, aka BruiserBots. It was always rumored that the Alien species were responsible for the virus, although this has never been proven. When BruiserBots were first introduced to the MFL, most were skeptical about these metallic monstrosities, but as technology advanced, corporate teams started acquiring BruiserBots more than any other species due to their cost effectiveness and reduced health care costs. The current updated BruiserBots have massive armor and devastating power to inflict maximum damage on the opposition. No other species in the league can sustain the amount of damage like a BruiserBot, but on the downside, they are slow behemoths. Their natural positions on the field are blitzers and blockers, and, for teams that can afford them, excellent enforcers. They are lethal, very hard to kill, and have no emotions off the field, an MFL owner’s dream.


  • Immune to fire (less affected by mines, "Flame On" Dirty Trick, etc)
  • More resistant to damage.
  • Slow

Signature Team[ | ]

The Tokyo Terminators are comprised entirely of BruiserBots.

Notable All-Stars[ | ]

Mosh Slammen of the Snuffalo Thrills

Trivia[ | ]

  • This race shares the same name with a team from Mutant League Hockey.