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Yeah, for one game they weren't the worst, the Leaveland Burns win. There's something to hang your hat on Leaveland.
~ Brickhead Mulligan, Mutant Football League, after a Burns home win that isn’t by forfeit

Brickhead Mulligan is one of the color commentators for the Mutant Football League. He is voiced by Tim Kitzrow.

"Bricks" as he is also known as a retired MFL player who (like ex-players in other sports) found a new career in the broadcast booth. According to him, he'd been forced to retire early due to bad reactions to the ubiquitous performance-enhancing drugs used in the league. Not only did they cause his genitals to shrink (and perhaps contribute to mental retardation), but he developed a mutant parasite on his shoulder. This parasite (Bricks Junior) provides additional commentary.


  • During a punt return, he mentions that he had a dog named Snags.
  • Several of his lines when a player is killed mention "Dead Mutant Bingo", a game where one supposedly keeps a Bingo card with numbers that one marks with the jersey numbers of players that get killed during the game in hopes of completing a Bingo line.
    • The line "Hey, I almost got Dead Mutant Bingo, all I need is number 77 to bite it!" is a possible reference to Ryokan Kurita, a character from the anime and manga, Eyeshield 21.
  • A few lines of commentary suggesting that the restrooms in MFL stadiums are guarded and that the guards expect bribes upon entering to avoid unpleasant consequences.