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The Brawltimore Razors is one of the teams in the Mutant Football League. They are a parody of the Baltimore Ravens. Their logo is a bloodied skull wearing a top hat with two curved blades crossing underneath. The team plays at B&D Spank Stadium, a parody of M&T Bank Stadium. The stadium is the first to features guarded goalposts; a guillotine moves up and down between the goalposts capable of blocking extra point and field goal attempts.

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  • Much like the real-life Baltimore Ravens, the Razors take a lot of their cues from the macabre works of Edgar Allan Poe, who died in Baltimore in 1849. The top hat of the logo is based on 19th-century fashion in line with Poe's time and works.
  • One of Grim Blitzrow’s lines at the start of a Razors home game explains that the Razors were founded by the original Leaveland Burns, referencing a NFL controversy known as "The Move".

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