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Uh oh! The defender went Berserk! The ballcarrier better watch out because if he gets hit...he is dead!
~ Grim Blitzrow

Berserk is one of the Dirty tricks the players can use in Mutant Football League. It is available only to the defense, although the offense has similar Dirty Tricks available such as Roid Rage and Beast Boost.

When this Dirty Trick is called, the player-controlled defender becomes an unstoppable freak: larger, faster, and stronger with red spikes coming out of his body. He cannot be tackled in this state; any offensive player that tries will be severely damaged by the spikes, and the maxed stats mean any hits the Berserker makes have devastating force. If the Berserker reaches the ball carrier, the force of the tackle will usually kill him, forcing a Fumble. If the offense recovers, another lethal tackle can be attempted. If the defense recovers, what Berserk time remains can be used in the return.

The Berserk effect lasts for a limited time and is transferable. Switching players (such as after the quarterback gets a pass off) transfers the effect to the new player while the previous player returns to normal. This allows an attempt to tackle and kill a receiver using Berserk. Once the effect wears off, the player returns to normal and can be dealt with normally.