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The following is a list of achievements in the game Mutant Football League. There are currently 23 available achievements.

List of achievements

Icon Name Description
Assassin.jpg Assassin You have killed 100 players of opposite teams!
Baby.jpg Baby You have won Season Game!
File:Blitzburgh Steelheads.jpg Blitzburgh Steelheads You have unlocked Blitzburgh Steelheads team
File:Cardinal Sins.jpg Cardinal Sins You have unlocked Cardinal Sins team
File:Cheap Shot.jpg Cheap Shot You have killed 10 players in Late Hit Window!
File:Exterminator.jpg Exterminator You have killed 1000 players of opposite teams!
File:Galaxy Chaos.jpg Galaxy Chaos You have unlocked Galaxy Chaos team
File:Grim Bay Attackers.jpg Grim Bay Attackers You have unlocked Grim Bay Attackers team
File:Killer.jpg Killer You have killed 10 players of opposite team!
File:Leaveland Burns.jpg Leaveland Burns You have unlocked Leaveland Burns team
File:Malice Hellboys.jpg Malice Hellboys You have unlocked Malice Hellboys team
File:Man.jpg Man You have won a Playoff Game!
File:Massacre.jpg Massacre You have won a game with Forfeit!
File:Mile High Chronic.jpg Mile High Chronic You have unlocked Mile High Chronic team
File:Motor City Maniacs.jpg Motor City Maniacs You have unlocked Motor City Maniacs team
File:Orcs of Hazzard.jpg Orcs of Hazzard You have unlocked Orcs of Hazzard team
File:Passing MVP.jpg Passing MVP You have lead the league in passing yards at season end!
File:Perfection.jpg Perfection You have played without losses in Season, Playoffs and Mayhem!
File:QB Crusher.jpg QB Crusher You have lead the league in Sacks at season end!
File:Receiving MVP.jpg Receiving MVP You have lead the league in receiving yards at season end!
File:Rushing MVP.jpg Rushing MVP You have lead the league in rushing yards at season end!
File:Sack Lunch.jpg Sack Lunch You have made 3 QB Sacks in one game playing in defense!
File:Winner.jpg Winner You have won a Mayhem Bowl!